"Hi, I am Philippe and I am manager of this camp site. I would like to invite you to walk with me and see the camping facilities.
Here we are at the entrance to the site. The map on your right gives you information on all the site facilities by number. It shows the main buildings  and all fireposts etc.
Let us go inside. Although all campers have to stop at the reception to be registered and to collect mail, we will go through.
First we will visit the main sanitary building. (There is another toilet block including a washing machine and drying machine behind the main reception). The men's washroom on you left has hot and cold water and on your right is the men's toilets. We now go to the showers.
The ladies area is separate (washroom , toilets). Here we also see that it has hot and cold water and all the  facilities of  the men's block.
We can now wind our way around the building to see one of the men's favourite places, ' the washing up area.' Here dishes can be washed in hot water and the area is covered and well lit.
Just 20 metres from here is a five lane zone for the game of bowls. During the summer competitions are held ending with a traditional tournament on weekend of the 15th of August.
To finish off this visit I suggest you look at some views of the camp site.

Welcome on board!"